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Opportunity to become an independent blog and text writer with current and industry related topics

Text & Articles, Web Content, Industry Research, News Writing

We are a small, family owned, Swiss company and want to create an information platform, write about technologies and solutions, as well as collect and generate news about the various global industries we are active in. We are looking for an independent content writer:

Job description: Generating web content and independent writing on a regular basis. Introduction to the products and services of 3D AG will result in article groups about the company and relevant technologies in the market. The texts will describe the industry, the players and the technologies available. We want to create a knowledge and information platform and generate news. Precise web research, analyzing competitors, social media platforms and the news will be a source to generate articles about the active industries.

Active industries:
Nano and Micro Technology - recombination of structures, shims
Product and Brand Protection - anti-counterfeiting, security, holography

Type of texts:
Technology descriptions, explanation of products and services
Articles about methods and processes
Articles about the growing counterfeiting industry
Product and brand protection, case studies
Business consulting texts, future orientation, branding
Social Media entries
News texts

Amount of articles:
minimum 2 per week

Length of articles:
alternating; between 500 – 3000 words


Organization & tasks:
Information exchange with 3D AG’s team
Writing according to an SEO and keywords plan
Own planning of story groups
Co-managing the platform/ blog and social media entries

by 3D AG, with authors names if wanted
on 3dag’s website, blog and social media

to be discussed, by the word or by the hour

To apply please write two descriptive texts for homepage and blog visitors, each ± 200 words, about the following two topics/ terms and send to together with your CV.

  1. Electroplating
  2. Optical security features

Any other texts or writing experience can also be added. SEO and web experience is of great advantage.

Thank you for your interest, we are looking forward to hear from you!

The 3D AG team


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